part two!

more to come… again! it’ll be hard w/ lucina and morgan(s), i don’t want any hate, yo


Haikyuu!! Ace Attorney AU

Cannot get this idea out of my head. Hinata is a young defense lawyer with a strong sense of justice. Kageyama is a genius prosecutor, titled ‘King of the Court’ (pun intended lol) by many. He always got a guilty verdict for the defendant he prosecuted. At first, their difference in ideology made them clashed, but after faced so many times in court, eventually they became a duo who seek truth together.

Yachi is Hinata’s assistant/sidekick, and Gramps Ukai is The Judge lmao. Also, Kageyama has a mentor, Oikawa. He’s a very talented prosecutor and despite his silly nature, he always prosecute wisely. During investigation, Oikawa has a loyal partner, detective Iwaizumi. Both of them share an immense level of trust even though Iwaizumi always deny it.


Dubai’s Aquarium Tunnel | Photographer


Baby Toothless with red ribbon <3


He is Haibanana Lev.





let’s pretend for a moment that modern photography existed in the 1800s.


BAM!!! nudist beach emblem… fire nudist beach???? 

anyway, this is for kelly’s awesome nudist beach/kill la kill zine!! i chose fire emblem: awakening as my theme, as it’s a game that’s pretty much taken over my life… haha….

chrom has a tanned arm

and i had to include frederick and sumia cause they’re also my babies

anyway, stay tuned for when the zine comes fresh off the presses! wheeeee