Mini Trivia for Midorima


You guys want Midorima so here he is!

  1. Midorima has a little sister. There was one time in the Drama CD where he wanted to get a lucky item which was in the crane game. He couldn’t get the one he wanted so he went to the arcade keeper and ask for the exchange with this trick: “I told them that my younger sister really wants one of these, but she’s leaving to study abroad in America, and we won’t be able to see each other for several years. So before she leaves, I want to give her one as a present, no matter what”. Good one Midorima.
  2. He could play piano! He loves listening to classical music. Very classy~ He also likes to play shogi and chess. Akashi plays with him (and Midorima never wins)
  3. He’s very rich. Like VERY. He spend 50,000 yen on a lucky item meant for Takao (MidoTaka fans please rejoice he just spend almost $500 for Takao and it only works for one day). By the way, he also gave lucky item to Takao on some occasion in DS game too.
  4. He hates cats (like how Kagami hates dogs lol) because he got scratched by them once. Someone put a cat in Shutoku team please I wanna see his reaction.
  5. He was born on 7th of July (7) and he’s a Cancer. 777. That kinda explained his obsession with luck. Someone please drag him to casino.
  6. At first, Fujikami planned for his first name to be Ryouhei instead of Shintarou. (Funny because Kise’s VA name is Kimura Ryouhei haha).
  7. He’s VERY VERY bad at cooking. There is a special drama CD for the Okonomiyaki scene in season one. He had this very LONG speech about how to cook a perfect Okonomiyaki and messed everything up. Kuroko and Kise were very amused by it before Kagami fixed everything up. (Both Kise and Kuroko also messed up their Okonomiyaki. Without Kagami I don’t think they could eat in that ep haha). 
  8. Apparently he’s very good at some festival games and arcade games. He often went to festivals and played games at the stalls to collect lucky items. Very very good at scooping fish with that paper spoon (I couldn’t even get one ;__;)
  9. In the character bible, he said he get along well with Akashi the most. BUT Kuroko, Aomine, Kise AND Kagami (which was like 4 out of 6 people in the interview) said they couldn’t get along with Midorima. (oh Midorima poor you XD). 
  10. His eyesight is VERY VERY BAD. There was one time in the game when Akashi was talking to him at the pool (he took off his glass) and Midorima replied, he was turning his head to Kise’s direction because he thought Kise is Akashi (ARE YOU COLOUR BLIND?!?!?!). Kise went “Midorimacchi why are you talking to me?”. Akashi said that he was worried about Midorima since he walk around without glasses. Never take off your glasses Midorima.

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