Anime Expo Tokusatsu Gathering 2014 Thread!

A tad bit late on starting this, but who would be interested in having a Tokusatsu cosplay gathering? I am thinking of having it at Site 4 (indoors!) in the afternoon. Who’s interested? What is your preferred time?  Please vote in the thread. Thread
Location: Site 4 (link to map)
Time: TBD

Please also spread the word!  Even if you are not going, let other fellow toku fans know!


Teasers from the AMAZINGLY FUN tokusatsu gathering!


Time : Saturday, 12PM (tentatively) | Saturday, 3PM (Gaim meetup)
Location: Front plaza, by the tree structure (tentatively)

Hello all California toku fans! I’ll be hosting the Tokusatsu gathering at Fanime this year and I figured I’d post the link on tumblr to spread the word. Above is the link to the gathering thread on the Fanime forums but I’ll be updating this post with info too as it comes (since it’s still pretty early).

Aside from the main gathering, we’re also having a Kamen Rider Gaim meetup later in the afternoon! I’ll be bringing fruit snacks and we’ll be heading out for boba afterwards so please come by if you’re interested! You don’t have to be in cosplay to attend either of the gatherings, as long as you like toku and want to meet other fans. Tell your friends!

Reblogging this again now that Fanime is THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

Main tokusatsu gathering is now officially at 12:30 PM and theGaim meetup has been scheduled for 4 PM though btw.

Super excited!!! Hope to see you all there~~


Micchy from Gaim, Mahiro Takasugi, Stars in Japanese Febreze Commercials

While not starring in this year’s series, Kamen Rider Gaim as Kamen Rider Ryugen, Mahiro Takasugi as been playing a lovesick student in Japanese Febreze commercials. Read More… 

Source: Febreze YouTube



this post is a mess

Reblog if you liked Goseiger. Like if you did not. This is an experiment.


Kamen Rider The Diner Adds Gaim Meals to Menu

Kamen Rider The Diner announced via Twitter this week that they will be adding Kamen Rider Gaim related meals to the menu. Read More…